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            • 簡   稱:韓國Incyto C-Chip一次性血球計數板
            • 更新日期:2020/5/4 9:56:52


            韓國Incyto一次性細胞計數板DHC-N01-5,進口Incyto一次性血球計數板 DHC-N01,INCYTO一次性計數板



            • 一次使用

            • 輕便,牢不可破

            • 不需要蓋玻片

            我們的一次性血細胞計數器由耐用塑料制成,可用于手動細胞計數。它由兩個表面帶圖案的高 100μm 的密封艙組成,帶兩個樣品注入端口。這是對傳統玻璃細胞計數器的顯著改進。一次使用可以減少接觸潛在傳染物質的風險,消除清潔和工作干擾,提高工作效率

            韓國Incyto一次性細胞計數板DHC-N01-5,進口Incyto一次性血球計數板 DHC-N01,INCYTO一次性計數板

            The C-Chip disposable hemocytometer is used for manual cell counting. In research settings, it helps to determine cell concentration prior to cell passage, or to assess cell viability following drug treatment; cell counting solution is essential. Obtaining accurate cell counts can be critical when seeding cells for propagation and experimentation.

            Accuracy of manual counts with a hemocytometer depends on:

            • Accurate mixing of the sample (no bubbles)

            • Number of cells counted (practical: 200-500 per 0.1 mm3)

            In a conventional glass hemocytometer, improper fitting of the chamber and coverslip changes the volume of the sample introduced into the chamber. C-Chip’s chamber with integrated coverslip solves the problem.  It is a good standard practice to use a disposable hemocytometer for clinical labs and laboratories dealing with infectious materials. It is safer.

            DHC-N01, C-Chip disposable hemacytometer, has two precision engineered individual counting chambers (100 mm depth) with integrated cover slip. The chamber has ports for sample loading. Neubauer Improved (NI) grid pattern is embedded in each chamber.  Each grid pattern has nine large squares each measuring 1 x 1 mm and a total counting area of 3 x 3 mm.


            • Mammalian cell

            • Blood analysis (Hematology): Blood cell counting

            • Cell culture: Cell concentration measurement, Cell viability

            Outer SizeWidth 25mm x Length 75mm x Thickness 1.6mmChamber Depth0.1 mmChamber Volume10 μl


            The full grid on a hemocytometer contains 9 squares, each of which is 1 mm square.  Large cells are counted using the four large corner squares (and the middle one).  If you use a dense suspension of small cells, the four 1/25 sq. mm corners plus the middle square in the central square are used.

            The grid consists of 9 large squares, each measuring 1 x 1 mm, and a chamber depth of 0.1 mm.  Each square has a total volume of 0.1 mm3 or 10-4cm3.  The central square is divided into 25 small squares with triple lines and four corner squares are divided into 16 small squares.

            Each large square has a surface area of 1.0mm2, and the depth of the chamber is 0.1mm.  As there are 1000 mm3 per ml, each large square represents a volume of 0.0001ml, so that it is equal to 1/ 0.0001ml = 10,000 = (104)

            韓國Incyto一次性細胞計數板DHC-N01-5,進口Incyto一次性血球計數板 DHC-N01,INCYTO一次性計數板

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